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Astronaut selection is more than just an application; it's a journey. Let us help streamline your preparations.

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Practice applications, tailored recommendations, and expert guidance to give you the edge in astronaut selection


Curious to know how successful your application might be in a Space Agency selection? Answer these 10 questions to find out.


If you’re close to submitting your application or have been invited to selection, this is your hub for maximizing your chances.


Personalized recommendations on what to study and what skills to develop. Includes an advanced simulated application developed by industry experts.

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At Astro Perform we are passionate about maximizing human potential. The pursuit of becoming an astronaut is the ultimate endeavor.

You may have just discovered this spark, or you may have always dreamt about it. We know the twists and turns of such an ambitious journey – and we’re with you every step of the way.

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"When you are in the running for your dream job, you want to know you’ve done your absolute best to prepare. Astronaut selection is one of the most competitive jobs in history and the Astro Perform in-depth training and practice makes you the strongest version of yourself. I could not recommend it more."
Katie King, PhD
"To excel in astronaut selection, it's crucial to demonstrate proficiency across various domains instead of focusing solely on developing your strengths. Astro Prepare played a pivotal role in pinpointing my areas of improvement and providing effective strategies to improve."
Dr Beth Healey
“I didn’t realize astronaut selection was something I would be a good candidate for before I took the Astro Prepare simulated application. The feedback it gave me was also really helpful for knowing where to start.”
“I have always known I wanted to be an astronaut since I was a kid, but with a busy life and commitments I had lost the vision and drive I once had for my goal. Astro Prepare really helped me focus again.”
“Preparing for astronaut selection wasn’t something I wanted to share with everyone. A lot of friends and family didn’t understand. Being an Astro Prepare member gave me a safe space to follow my ambition.”
“Astro Prepare is a place you can go when you have big dreams, and you’re not afraid to go for them.”